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Dekapitatoren [BASx, STOx]

für Mäuse, Ratten, Edelstahlausführung.

Dekapitator BASx, STOx
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The Decapitator is a simple, rugged, hand opperated shear for humane, instant, decapitation of laboratory animals as guinea pigs, rats, mice.

The blades, which open to 5 cm square are made of stainless steel, ground and induction hardened to Rockwell 60, to retain a razor sharp edge.

The heavy gauge aluminium base has four mounting holes for securing the unit to a bench; a unique feature allows the handle to be relocated for right or left handed use.

The base is coated with texture oven cured epoxy paint; stud bolts, screws and washers are all made of stainless steel; the frame, the lever handle and the linkage of the upper blade are made of nickel plated brass.

The unit can be totally immersed for cleaning.

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