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Kapnometer Gemini, für CO2 und O2 Messungen aus der Atemluft [CWE-GEMxx]

Zur kontinuierlichen O2 und CO2 Messung aus der Atemluft größerer Labortiere.

Kapnometer Gemini
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Capnometer Gemini - Introduction

Respiratory gas measurement has long been known to be an excellent indicator of respiratory status, for both spontaneously breathing and artificially ventilated animals. The GEMINI Respiratory Monitor measures breath-by-breath oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration for accurate respiratory status assessment. The instrument uses the latest technology fast infrared (CO2) and paramagnetic (O2) measurement cells for unsurpassed accuracy and long-term stability. Respiratory rate is computed using the normal inspiration/expiration excursion of the CO2 signal. Adjustable CO2 and respiratory rate alarms are standard. Linear voltage outputs are provided for both gasses and respiratory rate, and a standard RS232 serial port provides data for external monitoring or collection on a computer. The measurements and computed results are reported directly on the front-panel backlit LCD display. High/Low alarm settings are individually adjustable, and are stored in non-volatile memory. These settings are restored when the unit is next used. Indicator lights and and an audible signal provide status indicators for proper system operation. Measurements can be displayed as continuous (fast) or peak end-tidal readings.

Measures and Standard Features

  • Oxygen
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Respiratory rate
Standard Features
  • Paramagnetic O2 analyzer
  • Infrared CO2 analyzer
  • Analog and RS232 outputs
  • Expandable with additional function modules
  • Sample Flow 150 - 200 ml per minute

Easy setup and operation

Typical operation requires only simple setup. The small diameter sample tubing is connected to the animal's endotracheal tube using the supplied fittings. All alarm settings are adjusted with a single knob. Alarm lights are always active, but an audible alarm can be switched on or off as desired. The gas and rate outputs are standardized for easy external recording. The RS232 port provides simple ASCII formatted data that can be received using any communications software, and easily imported into a spreadsheet for calculation. The only maintenance required is periodic inspection or replacement of the supplied moisture filters. Special input tubing includes a Nafion® membrane that automatically dries the sample gas for long, trouble-free monitoring. A miniature in-line hydrophobic filter prevents water from entering the analyzer. Expandable The GEMINI monitor includes an open slot for use with any SYSTEM 1000 instrumentation module. Available modules include a cardiotachometer (Model CT-1000), blood pressure amplifiers (Model PM-1000) and many other signal acquisition and processing functions. A plethysmographic respiration module (Model RR-1000) uses closed-chamber pressure changes to monitor respiratory rate for very small animals.

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