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Beatmungsgeräte [CWE SAR-830 SAR 830/P SAR-1000]

Druck- / Volumen-kontrolliertes, elektronisches Beatmungsgerät (CWE) für kleine bis mittlere Labortiere, mit interner oder externer Druckgasversorgung.

Beatmungsgerät SAR-830/P
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Model SAR-830

The SAR-830 is a volume-cycled, positive-pressure ventilator. The standard model is suitable for use with rodents and similar size animals. A special version (Option 041) is set up particularly for mice and similar very small animals. To produce tidal volumes, a constant airflow is gated into the animal during inspiration. This FLOW RATE multiplied by the INSPIRATORY TIME gives the tidal volume. RESPIRATORY RATE is set independently, and shown on a digital meter. This approach provides extraordinary flexibility, a wide range of volumes, breaths-per-minute, and I/E ratios are possible with no hardware changes, and using just three front-panel controls. The quiet internal solenoid valves and airpump (Model SAR-830/A) are the only moving parts, which contribute to the long service life and excellent reliability of these units.
Beatmungsgerät SAR-830/P
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Model SAR-830/P

Model SAR-830/P Small Animal Ventilator can operate as either a volume or pressure-cycled ventilator. It is suitable for use with laboratory animals in the mouse to Guinea pig range of body weights. Tidal volumes are generated by gating a known airflow into the lungs for a set inspiratory time. Only three controls RESPIRATORY RATE, INSPIRATORY TIME, and FLOW RATE are necessary to produce tidal volumes and respiratory rates over a wide range.
SAR-1000 Frontansicht
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Model SAR-1000 - Small Animal Ventilator

The SAR-1000 Small Animal Ventilator is a versatile and easy-to-use ventilator for mice, rats, and other small animals. Volume mode delivers a fixed tidal volume on each breath, and pressure mode causes inflation to stop at a preset airway pressure. In either mode, lung inflation is maintained at the end of inspiration until the percent inspiration (%Insp) time has elapsed. This end inspiratory pause (IEP) improves gas exchange and the overall efficiency of ventilation.

Standard features:

  • Pressure or volume-cycled operation
  • Wide tidal volume and rate range
  • User-friendly set-up and operation.
  • Mice to Guinea pig size
  • Direct display of Tidal Volume & all parameters
  • Remote control via USB port
  • Safe with oxygen and anesthesia
  • Multi-animal set-ups

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